Fundraising at Shotgun Sallys

How it works

When guests attend a Shotgun Sally's Fundraising event and mentions or presents a fundraiser flyer on the day of the event, up to 20% of their dine-in net sales check will be donated back to your non-profit organization. Shotgun Sally's fundraising events can be scheduled Sunday - Thursday. We’ll help you network to invite your supporters – the more guests who participate, the more money your organization will make! Fundraisers are held exclusively at our Fargo, ND location.


<$999 - Earn 15% Back

>$999 - Earn 20% Back

Getting Started:

  • Fill out a form in-store or online (below). You will be required to submit a signed W9 form so that sales and donations can be properly tracked. Shotgun Sally's will provide you with a blank W9 form upon request.
  • Please ensure a four-week lead time to promote your event. This time to communicate details and invite guests allows for their attendance planning and will ensure a successful fundraiser. The better you communicate and publicize your event, the more supporters you’ll attract, and the more money we’ll be able to raise together to support your cause!
  • ​Arrange a day and time to call or meet with a manager to discuss event logistics. Multi-day fundraisers are available upon request!

​Publicizing Your Event:

​​This is critical to the success of your fundraiser. Shotgun Sally's will provide a flyer you can print locally and distribute as a save-the-date invitation. Organizations may also choose to create their own flyers, posters, email blasts and social network posts to get the word out to organization members, supporters and friends. Shotgun Sally's will help in any way we can to publicize your event. Just ask!​

  • ​The more flyers you distribute, the more will be redeemed on the day of your event, and the more funds we’ll raise.
  • Fundraiser guests must mention the name of the fundraiser or present a flyer to the cashier to ensure their check is applied to the organization’s give-back funds.
  • Make sure to promote the event for at least two weeks – and optimally four weeks – prior to event day(s). A day-of-event reminder is another great practice to maximize participation on the day of the event.
  • Your organization will receive payment based on the amount of net sales from checks with flyers or mentions: Earned funds will be sent by check to the address listed on the tax form provided.
  • Any checks that use offers/discounts will not be applied to the event’s grand total.

Please fill out the form below

Better yet, see us in person!

Please ask to speak with one of our General Managers and we will be happy to schedule your event.

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